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What is ALC

ALC (Anugerah Learning Center) merupakan tempat pusat kegiatan program Adikku Sayang. Di sinilah pengambilan nutrisi,
bimbingan belajar, belajar ataupun penyuluhan diadakan. Here at Adiku Sayang. Our focus is on three main things: Nutritions,
Bimbel (Extra Study) and education supports.

The Activies

We believe that the lack of nutritions
of these children would limit their ability
to think in the morning

Bimble (Extra Study) - provide character
buildings and venue for an after school
study program

Education we believe that knowledge is power
However due to the poerty, they simply
couldn't get the best education possible.
However, through these program the parents
of our cildren would be able to share the
burden with us by providing school funds,
equipments, uniforms


@2016 Adikku Sayang and/or its affiliates All rights reserved  Made with in Jakarta

@2016 Adikku Sayang 
and/or its affiliates 
All rights reserved 
Made with in Jakarta